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Candle Ritual 2

I read about this beautiful candle ritual on Rooted for Life, a blog by Lori Bregman, and incorporated it into a baby shower that was thrown for my sister.  Each guest took home a candle as a favor, which they saved to light upon hearing that my sister had given birth.  With the candle burning, they send positive wishes to mother and baby.  I loved the idea immediately on so many levels:  each guest receives a lovely favor with a spiritual message; there’s a sense of unity with each person lighting a candle at the same time for the same positive purpose; the glowing candle is a warm reminder and celebration of this miracle; and the new mom and baby are surrounded by positivity.  The shower guests were touched when they received their candles, and some even told me about their experiences.  One friend sent this endearing photo:

Candle Ritual